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Types of Hidden Cameras

We all want a hidden camera for a whole range for reasons. Keep tabs on the kids while you’re away, keep tabs on your spouse, catch an employee suspected of committing theft, etc.

If you’re sure you want to buy a hidden camera but not exactly where or how to start, it’s always good to know your options first:


The cost of a hardwired hidden camera does seem attractive in the beginning, but if you consider all that you need, it’s hardly worth the total cost. However, if you’ve got new construction where access to walls for wiring is a given, you may as well install one together with your motion detector, smoke detector, thermostat camera and other basic home security devices.


This type variant usually uses common household stuff like an alarm clock in which the transmitter could be sealed inside while a separate receiver works for the video. You still need some type of a recorder to save the video that comes from the camera. Though such systems are still being produced and used today, they are nearing extinction as with their hardwired equivalents.


The self-recording hidden camera is probably the best that has happened to the covert surveillance industry yet. These systems have built-in DVR that saves the video to an SD memory card. Such a system usually depends on motion activation so that you save time going through the video, and you save memory space as well. Back then, you had to sit down for hours fast-forwarding and rewinding and then back again to moments when the subject is within sight.

4G Wireless

To get remote access to a camera, you would usually have to stay where you can get high-speed Internet access. If you set up your device in an area with 4G coverage but the connection from where you’re monitoring is weak, you can buy one of those hidden cameras that provide a 4G feature. Though the cost is still a bit high right now, this is expected to decrease as wireless coverage expands.


In a system like this, the Wi-Fi signal coming from your wireless router is in charge of sending and receiving the video which has been captured by your hidden camera. Or in certain cases, your PC can function as your recorder while the camera sends over video the using your wireless signal. In any case, remote access to your video will be possible any time.


This one is almost self-explanatory. These cameras are literally worn on your body or at least hand-held for you to record footage. They can be a zipper on your blouse or a pen or even sunglasses – anything really. In short, the options are unlimited.

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